York20 - Slower Paces Improve Our Places

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If you’re looking to find out when the new 20mph limit is coming to your area, please use the map below...



A 20mph limit should encourage more considerate driving, including people using their cars less. Less traffic makes for quieter streets.


On a 20mph street it’s easier to cross the road, ride bikes and play out, so people of all ages can stay healthy.


With more people out and about, our streets can become even friendlier places to be.


Why is this happening?

In York, residents have been calling for traffic speeds in neighbourhoods to be reduced. Latest consultation shows ‘sign only’ 20mph limits are strongly supported (over 80% support in South Bank area).

Are 20mph speed limits planned for every road?

A 20mph limit will be considered for most residential streets, but may not be appropriate for all villages.

Busier roads are generally excluded except where there are lots of pedestrians, such as around shops.

It’s easier to ride my bike on our 20mph street!

We support the approach the council is taking on setting 20mph limits.

Will there be speed bumps installed on 20mph streets?

No – new speed bumps will only be installed in special cases and affected residents and businesses will be consulted before any new measures are installed.

What signs will be installed?

There’ll only be signs at the entrance to a 20mph area, and then smaller repeater signs elsewhere, mostly on existing poles and lamp posts.

With cars going slower I’ve got more time to cross the road!

I feel more confident letting the kids walk to school and the park!

Will it affect journey times and pollution?

Good motorists already drive considerately past schools and in residential areas. They won’t notice much difference in journey times.

As riding bikes and walking becomes easier there’s less need for cars, meaning less congestion and pollution!